Toddlers: 15-24 months

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than watching your child meet and exceed developmental milestones.

For our older infants and toddlers, we provide the creative stimulation that makes every day a fun-filled learning adventure. Whether it’s building a castle, racing boats at the water table, finger painting, or marching to the beat of drums and bells, your child will build the self-esteem and trust which helps establish a permanent link between learning and fun.

With the love, support, and encouragement of qualified staff who truly enjoy being a part of your child’s life, your child’s love for learning can begin with Safari Childcare.

Toddler Developmental Milestones:

  • Literacy Incorporated throughout Classrooms & Curriculum
  • Colors, Shapes, & Object Recognition
  • Alphabet Song & Color Matching
  • Body & Facial Expressions
  • Singing, flannel boards, stories, & finger-plays!
  • Math: Flashcards, Matching, Sorting, Puzzles, Counting to 10
  • Science: Color Mixing, Sand & Water Table, Sink or Float

  • Fine Motor: Making Block Towers, Dump & Fill, Puzzles, Play-dough, Lacing, Fitting Shapes in Correct Sort
  • Hands-On Experiences Using all Senses
  • Art Daily
  • Gross Motor: Jumping, Walking Backwards, Catching, rolling, balance
  • Cooking Day/Game Day EVERY Wednesday (During the Summer!)
  • Group Times: Stories, Calendar, Weather, Math, Music & Movement
  • Onsite playground: twice per day, weather permitting

Toddler Daily Schedule

Toddler Daily Lesson Plan