Preschool: 2 & 3 year old classrooms

Safari Childcare is a licensed preschool who utilizes a curriculum designed to promote character education and kindergarten-readiness. 

Daily learning experiences emphasize important preparation skills for the future including but not limited to: literacy awareness, math, science and reasoning, social/self-help skills, gross-fine motor skills, and a plenitude of cognitive learning skills. 


Safari students acquire new skills through daily "hands-on" activities. By sharing new experiences with classmates, students make new friends, while exploring an interactive learning environment. 

Safari Childcare recognizes children are learning constantly; it is the nature of growth. Our duty as caregivers and educators is to provide experiences, which support and enhance this natural process.

Preschool Classrooms & Curriculum

We recognize that there is no “cookie cutter” approach to development. Each child is unique and develops at his or her own pace. We do, however, look for signs that each child is progressing along a sequence of significant developmental benchmarks, which allows the teachers and caregivers to approach each child at the appropriate developmental level.


Each classroom consists of permanent and flexible learning centers; which are clearly defined and arranged to promote independence, decision making, and encourage social involvement.


Developmental theorist Piaget and Erikson each illustrated unique stages of growth to define how each child development occurs. Their philosophies are incorporated into our classroom structures, lesson plans, child assessments, and daily interactions with the children.

Safari promotes an environment which allows children to make mistakes but also encourages them make the "right choices". We do not scold or embarrass but rather positively encourage preschoolers to feel confident in their decision making and learning achievements.   

Preschool Developmental Milestones
  • Potty Training (once the student is ready and parents are involved);

  • Literacy Awareness: Singing, Flannel Boards, Stories, Books, Finger-plays, Phonics, Letter Recognition;  

  • Math: Matching, Measuring, Grouping, Classifying, Sorting, Counting, Shapes, Patterns, Flashcards; 

  • Recognizing: Colors, Shapes, Letters, Numbers, Objects, Body Parts, 5 senses, Expressions, First Name;

  • Fine Motor: Cutting, Tracing Shapes and Letters, Puzzles, Lacing, Buttoning, Zippering, Other Fasteners;  

  • Gross Motor: Recess, Jumping, Hopping, Walking Backwards, Parachute Play, Catching, Throwing 

  • Science: Classifying, Categorizing, Sorting, Sinking/Floating, Mixing, Magnets, Life Cycles, Bubbles, Magnifiers;

  • Hands-On Sensory & Art: Sand & Water tables, Crafts, Play-do, Goop, Messy Play, Using all Senses 

  • Group: Flannel/Felt Board Stories, Weather, Calendar, Books, Music & Movement, Job Charts, Show & Tell.

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