Personalized Care

We recognize personal attention is essential in order to ensure happiness and an overall sense of security for your child. Strong communication between parents and teachers is paramount. Parents are given a daily note about their child to take home. Notes include times diapers were changed (if applicable), times the child slept, and how the child ate.


Parent teacher conferences provide valuable time for one-on-one dialogue about each child’s progress. Children are never compared to one another. Rather, the child’s progress is compared to his or her own previous skills throughout the school year. Conferences reinforce open communication between parents and teachers and help bridge the gap between home and school.


Parent/Teacher Social Events include children’s performance, refreshments, games, and family activities. These events provide a casual environment for getting to know the teachers and other parents as well as your child’s school friends.


We believe parents should be integrally involved in their child's education. Therefore, we encourage parents to visit the school during the day whenever possible, to attend special events, and to take an active role in their child's care and development. Safari Childcare is committed to encouraging open lines of communication between home and school at all times.


Please feel free to come to us anytime with questions, concerns, or compliments. We would be glad to discuss them with you.

Every family can expect:

 Our infant rooms follow the routines established within your home in an effort to create stability and consistency for your child.

✓ Our teachers are specially chosen for their compassion and genuine love for all children.

✓ Parents are kept informed about significant achievements such as first words, first steps, and all special occurrences that took place during the day.

✓ The time spent during daily one-on-one interactions help children feel more relaxed and secure in their surroundings.

✓ Each classroom has a parent board which includes menus, daily schedules, lesson plans, any upcoming events, and parent involvement opportunities.

✓ Samples of the child’s artwork, writing, and other activities are displayed throughout the classroom so they feel a sense of belonging.

✓ All classrooms are open to parent suggestions, so feel free to offer comments anytime. Click here to email Customer Service.

✓ Toys and equipment are cleaned daily.

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