Our Mission

Our mission statement represents the guiding principles we incorporate into our everyday efforts to serve our children, parents, staff, and our community. We continuously strive to recognize our vision of quality in the hopes that our children, parents, and staff will experience the following:
For Our Children

To be nurtured, respected, and treated with the utmost compassion;


✓To benefit from learning environments and a curriculum which fosters the achievement of such milestones as: cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development;


✓To ultimately be prepared for the upcoming challenges of elementary school.


For Our Parents

To feel comfortable communicating with teachers and directors;


✓To truly enjoy taking an active role in their child's care and development;


✓To have the peace of mind and confidence that they are making a quality decision for their child;


✓To believe in our ongoing commitment to developing a team that is trustworthy and skilled.

For Ourselves

To be viewed as a group of people who truly endeavor to make a difference in the lives of the families we serve;


✓To feel the gratification which comes from the acknowledgment of our peers and community that our accomplishments are special and make them proud;


✓To pursue our work in an environment that is honest, fair, collaborative and challenging;


✓To experience the unique personal rewards that come from participating in the positive development of children.

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