Health & Safety

We take the health & safety of the children very seriously at Safari Childcare. We constantly review our health & safety standards to ensure we are extremely proactive in avoiding problems.

We encourage everyone to work together to identify potential health or safety hazards, so if you see something you think needs to be improved, please let us know. No need to wait for an accident/injury to occur; if it does not sit well with you, it likely needs to be addressed. We thank you for whatever feedback you are willing to offer, particularly when it comes to the health and safety of the kids (parents and staff health too).


Children may only be picked up by designated persons with written consent from the parent(s) of the child. The authorized person must provide a photo ID and should not be given the code/keycard to the front door. If necessary, an entrance code/keycard may be deactivated in a matter of seconds.


Fire and tornado safety is incorporated into our curriculum so in the event of an emergency staff and students are prepared. We encourage you to have an emergency plan at home as well, so your child is familiar with safety drills and understands the importance of preparedness.


✓ Healthy meals including hot breakfast and lunch served daily.

✓ Frequent hand washing before eating and after using the toilet is practiced by staff and children.

✓ The facility is cleaned and sanitized daily by staff and then again at night by a cleaning service.

✓ All new staff is trained on health, sanitation, and safety procedures prior to working in a classroom.

✓ On-site washers and dryers keep items clean and sanitized.

✓ Our staff clean/disinfect changing tables after each diapering.

✓ Lunch tables are cleaned before and after eating.

 Toys and equipment are cleaned daily.


 We have security systems with direct emergency access to the police and fire departments.

✓ There is a fully monitored fire alarm system.

 The front door has an electronically activated coded entrance or keycard.

 Monthly fire drills and semi-annual tornado drills are conducted.

✓ We have a six-foot security fence surround entire play area.

✓ Background checks are conducted for every employee.

 Staff are trained in CPR and First Aid.

 Security Cameras (select locations, coming soon to others!) 

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