Full Day Kindergarten

Learning Objectives:

✓  Cognitive Skills: Acquiring and using information. Benchmark examples: 

     Copies a pattern based on color, size, or shape; can classify food groups;

     can understand weather concepts.

Language: Developing communication skills. Benchmark examples: Looks

    at pictures and tells a story; prints own first and last name; listens when

    others speak.

Motor Skills: Using the body with control and efficiency. Benchmark

    examples: Can put together a puzzle; can balance on one foot; can color

    within the lines of a complex picture.

Social Emotional: Expressing feelings and interacting with

    others. Benchmark examples: Shares and takes turns; stands up for own

    rights; seeks out new activities and experiences.

 Hygiene: Caring for personal needs in healthy ways. Benchmark

     examples: Takes care of toys and materials, able to tie shoes; exhibits an

     understanding of safety procedures.

Literacy Milestones

✓ Read numerous books each day, felt board stories & reading groups

Beginning sounds & ending sounds Phonics & phonemic awareness 

    (sounding & writing words out)

Reading 3-4 sentences & all 30 words from the words wall

Write & Sound of Letter of the Week

Upper & lower case letter recognition & the sounds of the letters

Tracing upper case & lower case letters

Journaling with story of the week!

Math Milestones

✓ Number recognition to at least 125

Counting to 125 plus: by 2’s, 5’s & 10’s

Learning ordinals positions 1st-5th

Tracing numbers

Length & measuring

Sorting by: size, shape, color & kind

Matching objects





Solid Shape Recognition

Developmental Milestones

✓ Read by end of the year!

Calendar: weather, days & months

Colors & shapes review

Five senses & body recognition

Personal knowlege & expression reproduction

✓ Matching, sizes, grouping, patterns, seasons, rhyming,     

    beginning & ending sounds

Fine motor: Tracing, cutting on the line, puzzles, coloring in 

    the lines, play-dough, lacing, buttoning, zippering, tying

Gross motor: Outside twice a day, skipping, galloping,

    catching, balancing, teacher led games, & much more!

Science: life cycles, classifying & categorizing, hypothesizing

    & recording results, mixing, reflections, sink or float, working

    of the body, & shadows (during the summer!)

Cooking/game day: Wednesday (summer

Sensory activity & art activitiy every day!

Singing songs & fingerplays

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