Dedicated to Quality

Our hallmark of excellence rests on the impressive credentials and character of our staff. We seek teammates with genuine love for all children, so our students can benefit from positive learning experiences taught by teachers who are nurturing, compassionate and kind. We understand the importance of having teachers, directors, and administrators who look at each child as an individual. Those who not only accept but embrace each child's unique differences gravitate toward our program, and we welcome them with open arms.


What appears "on paper" alone is not enough to get a staff member hired. They must also meet the criteria we have determined to be essential for meeting the needs of the children and families in our care. Trust, integrity, compassion, and a willingness to work hard every day, in order to positively contribute to the development of children, are just a few of the many characteristics that Safari is searching for.


Once those select individuals have been identified, we then look at their education and experience to ensure they continue to meet requirements. Our teachers hold degrees or certificates in Early Childhood Education and have experience in child development.


Teaching Assistants are significantly comprised of students working to achieve classroom experience while pursuing their degrees in early childhood education.

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