Preschool (2 - 3 years old)

Your 2 or 3-year-old’s literacy skills are rapidly developing. We know that during the first three years of life a child’s literary skill are being established. This is a very critical time in a child’s development. Helping your child develop a love and interest in books at a very young age is a great way to insure that they’re reading skills are being developed in a healthy manner.



Below is an infographic that describes what preschoolers like to experience in book reading. 






























In preschoolers, the interaction (between adults and children) around reading storybooks is very important for development. Talking about the pictures and discussing the stories from books are very helpful methods for preschoolers to grow their understanding of language and literacy.

Preschoolers love to explore their world and are naturally very curious. They can become interested in the words and print that surround them in their everyday lives such as print in street signs, billboards, stores, book titles etc.

A 3-year-old may start to understand the words are read from left to right and that books are read form front to back. They may also start to learn that writing is used for communication. They may start to recognize letters and become familiar with the sounds of certain letters. Story telling is a very important skill for preschoolers (especially 3-year-olds) to learn in order to develop healthy literacy skills. (source).

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