Toddlers (15-23 months)

During the first three years of life your child’s language and reading skills are beginning to develop. Research shows that language, reading, and writing skills emerge from the development of several earlier skills (see infographic below).













The foundation of early literacy skills is established through life moments with your toddler such as reading books together, talking, laughing and even playing. Instilling a deep love and interest in reading at a young age can do wonders for your toddler’s literacy development. Below are a few examples of what toddlers enjoy seeing in books (see infographic below). 
















There are a number of strategies that you could implement in your reading routines with your toddler. A few strategies you could try are the following: talking or singing about the pictures in the book, let your child interact by turning the pages and showing them the cover page, make a personal connection with the story by incorporating your own family members and pets into the story, ask your child questions about the story, make book reading a part of your daily (or nightly) routine. 













































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