Family rights are human rights!

Protect your children. Protect your family.

At Safari Childcare, we take the safety and protection of your children very seriously. We make it a point to cultivate a family atmosphere where your children are comfortable and can embrace an enriching learning experience. While children are safe at Safari Childcare, not all children are safe at home, which means intervention from DCFS and its investigators is often needed.

We get it: by law, DCFS investigators need to access and interview children who are potentially in danger to follow up on reports from other parents or childcare providers. What concerns us is the conduct of DCFS agents during investigations, especially when it comes to interviewing children while at school.

Did You Know?

  • DCFS can talk to your child at school or at day care to investigate a case.

  • You have the right to deny DCFS access to your child without you being present.

  • DCFS agents have been known to disturb nap times, not only traumatizing children but also sabotaging child care facilities by obstructing compliance with legally mandated nap periods.

  • DCFS has a history of poor public transparency in its practices and mishandling cases including focusing on frivolous cases and neglecting multiple valid cases, which has resulted in destroyed families, traumatized children, and even child deaths.

  • YOUR voice can bring change to DCFS and hold them accountable for formal investigation procedures, victim sensitive interviews, and overall child welfare programs.

Take Action!

We are working on a campaign to bring greater awareness to the failings of DCFS to protect the children of Illinois as well as the need for more transparency and open lines of communication between DCFS and child care facilities.

Here's how you can get involved:

Fill out our survey and let us know how you feel about the above concerns as well as your interest in helping us advocate for the protection of children and families in Illinois.

Download our awareness flyer and distribute it to parents and families in your community. (Document is two pages for front and back color printing.)

Share this page with your family and friends on social media and get the word out about DCFS concerns and our advocacy efforts!

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