Teachers Promote Learning and Curiosity, So Do Classmates. 

We help build strong foundations for reading, writing, mathematical reasoning, science, creativity, & more. 

Reading Readiness: A literacy-based, thematic curriculum in every classroom, emphasizes: letter recognition, first letter sounds, site word recognition, reading, writing, comprehension, language & vocabulary development and ongoing exposure to words that can be heard and seen, which includes daily story time. 


Enhanced Socialization Skills: Interactions with peers facilitate growth of intellectual, social, emotional, self-help, cooperation, and motor skills.


Thematic Curriculum: allows students to integrate and apply information to real life experiences, while experiencing hands-on learning. 

Parents Drive Success By...

Our character education curriculum emphasizes:

  • manners & moral values 

  • personal responsibility & accountability

  • the belief that hard-work & perseverance ultimately lead to success.

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